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Glass Dildos

​Shop the best glass dildo sex toys online. And you will find a wide range of them. For these glass dildos, they come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, and they will bring you a different sex pleasure compared with other kinds of common dildos.

All our glass dildos are made from high quality glass material. They are definitely non-porous and no toxic to your body. At the same time, you had better use some lube in order to have a more comfortable and exciting sex pleasure. All lubes are available, but you had better use the water-based lube to have a more unforgettable experience. Just be sure to scale up to a lube specifically created for anal or vaginal play if that strikes your fancy.

Some guys are especially interested in glass dildos, but some of them are worried that this kind of sex toy cannot be totally cleaned. In general, there is no need to worry about this kind of thing, because glass dildos are definitely easy to clean. Glass dildos, like gem dildos, can be cleaned with soap or some warm water. You can even put them in the dishwasher or you can boil them. Then will never break. So, you know, their quality is very good.

Still some other people choose to buy glass dildos, just because they want to make them hot or cold when using. As you can be expected, all glass dildos can meet up your desire well. You can heat them before using them in the hot water and even boil them, and they will bring you a warming feeling. There is no need to buy glass dildos with heating functions anymore. For the cold feeling, they satisfy your desire well. Of course, you can also buy the metal dildos to have a try.

Yes, glass dildo sex toys like Gem are long lasting and recyclable, making their impact smaller than many other toys. Another glass dildo highlight that you can appreciate is their waterproof abilities. These items do exclude any miniature pores that fluid can without much of a stretch leak in through; they are called non-permeable. Because of this benefit, it's more than OK to utilize a glass dildo while you're in the shower, your tub, or even your pool. The prospects are perpetual, and it's everything dependent upon you.

Even if you never have had a glass dildo, then you also know that glass dildo is touch and solid, so their surface is very hard compared with softer materials such as TPE and silicone which are both flexible and light, just like soft dildos, silicone dildos, rubber dildos, and TPE dildos. There is no need to have any surprising feeling, just buy and enjoy it.

In this collection, you would find various kinds of glass dildos. There are so many designs, styles, lengths, and widths for you to choose from. But keep in mind that the bigger the size you're going to take home, the heavier it's going to be. So if a weighty glass dildo inside turns you on, then you've just stumbled upon the perfect selection of love sticks you're ever going to get. Of course, it is up to you. You can also find a wide range of mini glass dildos here. And plus, among so many kinds of glass dildos, some of them are barbed dildos, which will bring you a stimulating sex feeling, and it is a good BDSM toy, right?

What Makes Glass Dildos Unique?

More and more people choose to buy these glass dildos online, then why they are becoming more and more popular. There are three main reasons are concluded.

First. Hardness: This is the main factor to influence the selling. Many people choose to but it just because the glass dildos are hard. They like this kind of feeling. The feeling is firmer than silicone dildos. Therefore, if you are searching for a different feeling and experience, it's one that can be really appealing. On the flip side, they're much more light compared with stainless steel sex toys and easier to hold (though to be fair, the weight can also be a plus depending on the circumstances).

Second. Temperature play: Take one kind of material as an example, silicone. Silicone doesn’t take to temperature changes — that’s why the material is used for oven mitts! In the country, glass dildo can warm and cool to temperatures, which you can play with for new sensations on yourself. But you need to mind that don’t warm it up too hot or cold and check the temperature first with your hand before putting your toy near your sensitive areas. What's more, do not microwave or freeze your glass dildos.

Third. Artistic: When you see this topic, some may say to me that I am a little biased because I like sculpture very much. However, to be honest, these things can be as close to a work of art as you can get. In fact, some glass artisans of other glasswork also make glass dildos (or know someone who does).

Isn't Glass Dildo Dangerous?

Some want to buy this kind of glass dildos but just worry that they may hurt their body. "What if it breaks in my body?" One customer complained. In fact, it is difficult to break as long as you buy a high-quality one. When you are browsing the glass dildo collection, you will find that glass dildo is smooth and made from premium and safe material. For example, Borosilicate glass makes them more resistant to thermal shock and is far stronger than your standard glass. But warm tips, you had better not choose to warm it up too hot or cold. And plus, you had better try the temperature first before entering your body in case it will hurt you.

In addition, you hand better get glass dildo sex toys from a trustworthy store that has gone through the annealing and inspection process. If you buy a cheap glass dildo from some store without go through this process is not as durable or reliable, especially for long-term use.

As far as I am concerned, you had better take good care of it and not throw or bang it on hard surfaces, your glass dildo adult toys should last a lifetime with many years of pleasure. Of course, it goes without saying that if your glass dildo sex toy does break for any reason, you should stop using it and dispose of it safely as soon as possible.

At last, if you are still worry about the quality, or it will harm your body, then you can also choose to buy other kinds of dildos, like rubber dildos, silicone dildos, metal dildos, and so on.