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Dual Density Dildos

Dildos made with two layers are known as dual density dildos. If you have bought the dual layer dildos, then you would know that the inner core is hard, while the outer layer is soft, lifelike, and soft with a very natural texture. When you have bought the double layer dildo, then you can use it for multiple purposes, for example, you can use it for solo penetration, double penetration, and so on. In addition to the comfortable and stimulating sensations provided by a dual-layered dildo, firm cores and smooth surfaces facilitate penetration and allow for more comfortable and stimulating penetration.

Dual Density Dildos vs Single Density Dildos

Among all kinds of dildos, they are mainly made from diffrent kinds of materials, including TPE, TPR, silicone and so on. No matter you have bought the single layer dildo, or double layer dildo, they are almost all made from these kinds of materials. At this time, you also want to know, which dual density dildo is better for me? Don;t worry, here, i would like to tell you all your questions now. If you have bought the single layer didlo, then you would know that they are either soft, semi-firm, or firm all the time during the whole sex time. You realize that it's not just your soft dildo but also floppily soft. Conversely, firmness prevents toys from flopping about, however it does not create a lifelike feel for a child's hand. On the other hand, single density semi-firm dildos fall in between. It feels fairly real, and they never flop around, but dual-density dilidos offer a superior experience. Dildos made of dual density are composed of a soft exterior material and a firm interior fabric, offering you the sensation of touching an actual penis every time you want!

Dildo Dual Density: How to Choose

Facing up so many dual density dildo, which one is better? Similarly, performance varies among dual density dildos. Choosing the right dual density dildo is all about taking into account the following factors!
  • Size – No matter how short, long, thick, or thin your new dildo is, it is important to consider its size. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different toys, but keep this in mind: if you want to keep your toys discrete, make sure you have enough room!
  • Material – Phthalate-free materials should be used! If you need more than that, your options are: porous and non-porous. Porous toys (like TPE or TPR) can harbor a lot of bacteria and can't be sterilized. We recommend you avoid these toys at all costs. Nevertheless, if your favorite new toy is only available in porous materials, you may want to consider wearing a condom with it! Materials (such as silicone, glass, and metal) that are non-porous can be fully sterilized before and after using.
  • Texture – Rougher textures usually provide more stimulation than smooth ones. In the buying process, you had better consider what you want from the dual density dildos.
  • Realism – Not every dildo is realistic, nor are all people interested in realistic dildos. Toys should fit comfortably and fit the shape, so an emphasis on realism is a matter of personal preference and not a requirement.
  • Suction Cup – If you are looking for hands-free fun, you would do well to use a suction cup. With suction cups, you can stay dry on smooth surfaces when you're on the hunt for water adventures!