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18 Inch Dildos

 These 18 inch dildos are very detailed and ultra-realistic, and clients love these big, thick, long dildos. Made in China, These 18 inch dildos are super thick and perfectly proportioned with a tip and shaft for stroking, perfect for local penetration or massage. You can experience solo or shared use, instant threesomes, or even fantasy play. Some 18″ dildos require charging, some don’t, and it’s easy to use, right out of the box. Also phthalate-, fragrance- and silicon-free, the completely body-safe Sil-a-Gel construction is antibacterial, easy to clean and completely waterproof, making bathing or showering fun! The name is also a standout feature. Not only does 18 inch dildos sound sexy, but it also describes its fantastic size.

The 18 inch dildos are very usable and realistic, it is a large, thick and long dildo that has received rave reviews. It has perfect proportions and a tip and shaft for stroking. It’s great for local penetration or massage and gets hot all the time. Experience single or shared use, instant threesome or sexy play, including your best cock fantasy ever. The 18 inch dildo is easy to use and ready to play. The suction cup is the main advantage here and many users love the extra versatility of being able to move it around and place it on different surfaces for a new sexy experience!

With its larger size and awesome length, the 18 inch dildos has a sharp contoured, flexible design with a strong and exotic ridge/vein. Made from the highest quality medical grade platinum cured silicone, the 18 inch dildos offers a smooth, sleek and non-porous experience for all users. the 18 inch dildos can also be shared as a double terminator and works great too! It is also completely waterproof and ergonomically designed to easily reach orgasm for exciting P and G-spot sexual pleasure. The design is also flexible enough to penetrate in any position and provide the internal sensation of an ideal partner, and the perfectly huge size lets you take as many or as few inches as you need with each use! The 18 inch dildos comes in a lot of really cool colors, but some users say they like other colors too. It’s great to have options, especially if you can choose your favorite!

Huge, 18 inch dildos with a reverse tapered head that thickens at the top for a more realistic feel and a deeper level of satisfaction. Is compatible with Vac-U-Lock, making suction-based play easy, and is also harness-compatible for hands-free action and skin-on-skin cooperative play. 18 inch dildos is waterproof and features a suction base, making it the perfect shower companion. Also amazing on walls, floors, benches, tables and counters or any smooth or flat surface, ready to take you to dazzling new heights. Keep the sturdy bar body with realistic veins and head flexible and sturdy and find your own way to your own pleasure center. This amazing product is made in the USA from high quality, body-safe materials. This means it is safe on all body parts and it will leave you feeling very satisfied ……

18 inch dildo is superb! Its superior antibacterial properties and ultra-flexible design make the soft jelly 18 inch dildos  a must-have for lovers of all things strong and powerful. It bends perfectly, has a realistic look and feel, and is pleasantly textured. The natural waterproof surface is best used with water-based lubricants to help maintain the integrity of the product, and the unique and tapered base of the shaft provides a great handle/grip that can also double as a plug. 18 inch dildos is suitable for anal, vaginal or oral use, and it’s the big dick fantasy you’ve been looking for! 18 inch dildos will really satisfy any craving or fantasy, and it’s so well made that its durability will really last a long time.